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Teaching with EDGE


All boys advancing to LIFE rank need to teach younger boys using EDGE as a requirement now.

The basics are:

E = Explain – Tell the younger scout what you are going to teach and why each step is important.

D = Demonstrate – Do the task you are teaching the younger scout, SLOWLY, in front of him so he can see your every move.

G = Guide – Have the younger scout perform the skill for you as you walk him through each step of the way.

E = Enable – Have the younger scout perform the skill on his own without your help while you watch. Encourage him for proper performance of the skill. If he fails, double back to the previous steps until he can perform the skill without your assistance and can explain what he has done.

Below is what BSA says it is:

Training Stage

What It Is

Explain  √ Tell them (talk, audiotape).

√ Give written instruction or explanation (paper, book, Web page).

Demonstrate  √ Show (include role plays, videos, computer animations).

√ Do it yourself as they watch.

√ Use a diagram.

√ Tell a story (can be fictional or reallife examples).

Guide  √ Watch them do it and give verbal hints and tips.

√ Do it together (at the same time).

√ Let them try it; then talk about it.  

√ Let them ask questions as they try it.

Enable  √ Give a memory aid.

√ Give them a task that requires this learning.

√ Ask them to teach someone the new learning.

√ Give them the resources to do it again without you.

√ Help them use the learning again in a new setting or situation.

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