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Cooking Ideas

When preparing a menu for a campout, it is nice to have some variety as well as learn to cook new and tasty things.

Below are some places to look:

The 2012 Suffolf County Council Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills Cookbook – Click HERE

One Pot Meals – (in Excel format) Click HERE and (in Word format) Click HERE

Click here for a website with a lot of ideas (Thank you Mr. Stickevers)

The Dutch Oven ideas can be downloaded directly from our site HERE (PDF format)

An additional Dutch Oven Cookbook was identified by Mr. Becker and came from Troop 8 in Madison Alabama. It can be downloaded HERE (Word format)

If you want to do “FOIL” cooking, some ideas can be found HERE (Word format)

Please remember to make balanced meals using the FOOD PYRAMID

Keep Food Safe To Eat and thanks to Troop 8 and Mr. Becker for Foodbourne Illness Protection

Remember that clean-up is important too and we use the Three Bucket Washing System

For more hints and information, visit Troop 8 – Madison Alabama – COOKING TIPS

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