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  • Position description: The scribe keeps the troop records. He records the activities of the patrol leaders’ council and keeps a record of dues, advancement, and Scout attendance at troop meetings.
  • Reports to: The assistant senior patrol leader
  • Scribe duties: •Attends and keeps a log of patrol leaders’ council meetings. •Records individual Scout attendance and *dues payments. •Records individual Scout advancement progress. •*Works with the troop committee member responsible for records and finance. •Sets a good example. •Enthusiastically and correctly wears the Scout uniform. •Lives by the Scout Oath and Law. •Shows Scout spirit.

* Note that “dues payments” & “Works with the troop committee member responsible for records and finance” is not required for the SCRIBE in Troop 301. Instead, SCRIBE must document the the minutes from PLCs to be published within days on the website as well as the Thorns and Roses from each campout for discussion and the following PLC.

Weekly tasks:

  • Collects Patrol attendance and enters it in the electronic log
  • Gathers attendance for all events including PLC’s, parades, campouts, fundraisers and Eagle projects
  • Keeps track  of leadership positions held for all scouts 1st class and above including the dates held from and to
  • Fills in required fields on advancement sheets when received from scouts within two meetings 
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