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Patrol Leader


  • Position description: The patrol leader is the elected leader of his patrol. He represents his patrol on the patrol leaders’ council.
  • Reports to: The senior patrol leader
  • Patrol leader duties: •Appoints the assistant patrol leader. •Represents the patrol on the patrol leaders’ council. •Plans and steers patrol meetings. •Helps Scouts advance. •Acts as the chief recruiter of new Scouts. •Keeps patrol members informed. •Knows what his patrol members and other leaders can do. •Sets the example. •Wears the uniform correctly. •Lives the Scout Oath and Law. •Shows Scout spirit.

Weekly tasks:

  • Keeps patrol under control at the troop meetings
  • Keeps track of advancement requirements needed for each scout in the patrol and works with the scouts to achieve them.
  • Presents a scout in his patrol for advancement with the responsibility that he feels the scout has meet all those requirements fully and well enough that they could teach the requirement.
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