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  • Position description: The instructor teaches Scouting skills.
  • Reports to: The assistant senior patrol leader
  • Instructor duties: •Teaches basic Scouting skills in troop and patrols. •Sets a good example. •Enthusiastically and correctly wears the Scout uniform. •Lives by the Scout Oath and Law. •Shows Scout spirit.

In Troop 301, the instructor is responsible for patrol report evaluations, checking duty Rosters and Menus for campouts as well as the accuracy and content of scout presentations prior to those presentations being delivered.

Weekly tasks:

  • Do patrol reports
  • Assist with presentations as needed
  • Train Patrol leaders as to what to report at PLC’s as well as regular duties like how to run a patrol meeting, how to fill out gear request forms and when they are due and how to assign jobs within a patrol.
  • Coach patrols on duty rosters and menus (and that they must be posted)
  • Remind and follow up with presenters for outlines and presentations
  • Verify presentations from scouts for accuracy
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