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Leadership Positions

In the fly out menus you will find the BSA descriptions for each leadership role.

Boys who accept the roles are expected to execute to these outlines to the “best” of their abilities (On my honor, I will do my best…).

Please work with your assigned Assistant Scoutmaster to fully understand what is expected of you.

You have accepted a responsibility to the troop and yourself. If you do not or can not perform the duties required for the position, you must be removed from the position for the good of the troop and yourself.

Leadership credit will only be given for time served.

Your ASM’s are resources to help you. You have to do the job yourself but you are not only allowed to ask questions, we encourage it.

To see the details on a leadership position, move the mouse pointer over this tab and the drop-downs will appear. Just slide down to the one you want to view and click.

If you are interested in seeking a leadership position, please fill out the LEADERSHIP POSITION APPLICATION found HERE and then bring it to the SCOUTMASTER.

All leadership and advancement requires SCOUT SPIRIT and will be signed at advancement.

National Council defines it as:

Scout spirit applies to how a Scout lives and conducts his daily life. He shows Scout spirit by being a role model to his peers, living by the Scout Oath and Law. The concept of Scout spirit is based on how he helps bring out the best in others as a reflection of his own character and attitude in his daily life.

Be a leader!

Good luck,

Mr. Bauer

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