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For the Parents

Sign up for Troop text alerts. We now use the Remind system to quickly send out Troop-wide texts. Simply text the code @4f11c to the number 81010. Automated texts will show up as coming from “Mrs. DeGregory.”


— because sometimes our sons forget —

1). If your son is unable to attend a troop meeting, he should call his patrol leader to let him know and then call again after the meeting to find out what he missed.

2). Your son (and you) should check the troop website daily. We are constantly updating and adding information. It is the best, fastest, most accurate way to find out what’s going on in Troop 301.

3). The use of cell phones is not allowed during troop meetings. If it is family practice to carry cell phones for family communications, the phone must be turned off during the meeting.

4). Our meetings start at 7:30 PM. Parents must come inside to the meeting space to drop off and pick up their son. Do not leave your son at the meeting if there are not two or more registered adult scout leaders present inside the meeting place. Do not ask your son to wait for you outside at the end of the meeting because we cannot permit him to wait outside the meeting place unattended.

5). Procedure for working on merit badges:

  1. Your son chooses a merit badge.
  2. Your son requests a blue card and a merit badge counselor assignment from these specific Scoutmasters (Mr. Bauer or Mr. Palmer).
  3. Your son calls and/or meets with the counselor prior to starting merit badge. (Please note that nearly all counselors require full uniform and a scout NEVER meets with an adult alone. Scouts bring a buddy or, if the counselor asks, a parent.)…e-mailing is not appropriate to setup a meeting with a merit badge counselor.
  4. If for some reason the counselor assignment does not work out, your son asks the Scoutmaster for another counselor.
  5. Once requirements with the counselor are completed, your son presents the blue card to the Scoutmaster for final approval.
  6. Your son presents the completed blue card to Mrs. Peters, our advancement chair.

6). A Scout will be considered “active” in Troop 301 if he is:

  1. Registered in his unit (registration fees are current).
  2. Not dismissed from his unit for disciplinary reasons.
  3. Engaged by his unit leadership on a regular basis (informed of unit activities through Scoutmaster conference or personal contact etc.).
  4. Attending a minimum of 50% of all meetings, campouts, community service events and fundraisers. The percentages may not be combined for an average. And the minimum grows to 60% for scouts in leadership positions.

7). For all campouts and activities (unless otherwise stated) all scouts in our troop travel in full Class A uniform.

8). When leaving for a campout (unless otherwise stated) we meet in the parking lot behind the Church. This is also the usual pickup point for our return.

9). If your son has a position of responsibility and cannot make a meeting he is to call the ASPL in charge of troop positions to notify him that he will not be there. If he is a patrol leader he is expected to call his assistant patrol leader and to delegate responsibility for the patrol to him. Each troop position of responsibility has duties associated with that position. It is Troop 301 practice and policy that everyone is to fulfill the duties they have accepted. If there is a legitimate reason for falling short of these duties or even an unfortunate mistake, it is your son’s responsibility to review the problem with the Scoutmaster and make arrangements to get the job done or relinquish the position.

10). We offer several fundraisers each year that your son will participate in. Our fundraisers benefit him in several ways. Money that the troop earns will help offset the overall cost of troop activities. Many of our fundraisers also provide the participating scout with the opportunity to have a percentage of the funds credited to a “bank” for him to use towards scouting related activities, such as campouts. The most important value of our fundraising activities is that your son will learn to earn money “on his own” by providing useful products and services to people, a life-lesson for financial success.

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