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Sled preparation for the Winter Camporee held 1/9/2014 thru 1/12/2014

Troop 301 Scouts,

This year Saturday will be an all-day Klondike sled competition. The scouts will begin at a predetermined start point that we will assigned. They will follow a course that will bring them to different stations throughout the camp. The last leg of the course will be timed. A little tip: make sure your sleds are in good shape since they will be used all day. On one part of the course, the boys will have to pick up their sled and turn it over to see if their gear remains on the sled. Then, they will turn the sled right side up and carry it for 150’.

Knot tying
Sling Shot
First Aid
Fire Starting (Match and Lighter less)
Sled Inspection
Identify Symbols
Pick up snakes from a sled
Emergency shelter

Equipment to bring (and secure in or to the sled)
Rope to lash poles
4’ Poles
First Aid kit
Blanket or sleeping bag
Lunch for everyone in your patrol
Scout handbook or Field book

Our sled looks like the pictures below: How are you going to do it? Sled is in the Troop garage waiting for scouts.

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