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Alpine Scout Camp Dec. 14-15

We will meet at the Church parking lot at 6:30am on Saturday, Dec. 14, and leave at 6:45 sharp.

Bring a trail lunch.

Here are directions and an aerial view of the parking lot with GPS coordinates.

We will hike about 1,700 feet from the parking lot to campsites Slater #5, #6 and #16 (see map).  Site #5 has three lean-tos, #6 has two lean-tos, and #16 has none.

For the hike we start at the State Line Lookout or hike there from camp (see trail map). Hike north along the edge of the Palisades to Peanut Leap Cascade then south along the shore to Giant Rock Scramble then back up to the starting point.  Approximately 5 miles with difficult passages.  We cross the NY/NJ State line.  We have a Plan B if it rains or snows, per the trail reviews.  Bring your cameras.

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