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Leadership Position APPLICATIONS due at the November 14th meeting.

Troop 301,

If a scout wants to be considered for ANY leadership position, INCLUDING SPL and Den Chief, he must fill out the LEADERSHIP POSITION APPLICATION and turn it into the incoming SCOUTMASTER (Mr. Herrmann) by the NOVEMBER 14th meeting.

SPL elections will be held at the DECEMBER 5th Troop Meeting.

New PATROL LEADER elections will be held at the DECEMBER 12th troop meeting.

Every position will require WEEKLY duties that are measureable and almost always include time spent outside the troop meetings.   Boys requesting consideration for positions are expected to “Do their Best” to accomplish100% of the responsibilities of each job. If they cannot commit to 100% of the job, they should not apply.   We expect the scouts to do their best and to put in 100% effort. We do not expect PERFECTION. Scouts learn by listening and by trial and error. Mistakes are accepted and often expected.

What is not accepted is a lack of effort or follow through.

As a scout advances through the ranks, he does NOT earn the right to relax. What he does earn is the right to be given a role of greater responsibility. The expectations are greater for a STAR, LIFE or EAGLE scout than for a TENDERFOOT, 2nd Class of 1st Class scout. Each successive rank requires more effort and is judged to a higher standard.

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