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April 20th Day event at Blydenburgh Park – INFO (Parents welcome)

Troop 301,

As was announced, the troop is having a day event at Blydenburgh County Park off RT 347/454 in Smithtown/Hauppauge.

Directions can be found by clicking the park name above (hyperlink).

Parents are welcome but need to take YOUTH PROTECTION TRAINING which can be done by visiting and clicking on the link just below “Log in” on the top right. You just need a valid e-mail address to create the accout and activate it.

From there, log in with your new account and go to e-learning (on the left side) and take youth protection. Print out the certificate at the end and you are good to go.

Pleas also read our Parents Chaperoning Guidelines by clicking HERE

Details on the trip:

Blydenburgh Date Event April 20th

Meeting Church parking lot 8:00am, wheels up 8:15am.  Program ends at 5pm.

Entrance to Park is at traffic light on Route 347 across from State and County buildings.  We are in campsites Wolf 3 & 4.

For a printable map, click HERE

 (A point of refference is that you will be making a hard left after the dog park on a muddy dirt road.)

This will be an exciting day filled with Patrol Challenge Games, Wilderness Relay Competition, Making Fire Starters and Cooking Hamburgers on Can Stoves.

Troop will provide lunch: Food- hamburger, foil, potatoes, carrots, onions, peppers. Can stoves, fire buckets, water jugs

Patrols must bring: Cutting board, knives, rubber gloves, seasoning, ketchup, drink mix, AL foil, hand sanitizer, mess kits. Patrols also need to bring dryer lint, pencil or small wood shavings and newspaper.

Each Scout (or Patrol) should have: Pocketknife, compass, matches or lighter, daypack, pen & paper

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