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November PLC rescheduled to 6:30 pm before the meeting on 11/8/2012

PLC on Thursday November 8th at 6:30 pm.

Please note the meeting is to be in the Church as usual.

The following need to attend:

Josh G. [SPL]
Nick T. [Black Ravens]
Erik S.[Panthers]
Chris B.[Moose]
Joshua M. [Cobras]
Alexander B. [ASPL]
Gregory B. [Scribe]
Ross P. [Quartermaster]
Chris B. [Chaplain’s Aid] (also PL)
Harrison T. [Webmaster]
Zach Z. [Leave No Trace Instructor]
Thomas H. [Instructor]
Anthony G. [Guide]
Nick D. [Historian]
Luke C. [Buglar]

Also invited are all DEN CHIEFS (seeking to use it for advancement). You are our window to new scouts crossing over:

James Bi.
Chris B. (also Moose PL and Chap. Aide)
Grant H.
Nick T. (also Black Ravens PL)

JASM’s [Dean] is optional.

If you are a senior scout and are not on the list but would like to attend, contact the SPL as he may add to the list with whoever he likes.

Patrol Leaders: You are representing your patrols views and wants. Only you and the SPL have a vote at the PLCs.

Topics that need to be discussed are:

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