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Annual Turkey Cookout still on for November 9th thru November 11th

Troop 301,

We will be having out Thanksgiving campout and Turkey cook the weekend of 11/9 thru 11/11.

We will be camping Friday night on the grounds of the Smithtown Historic Society and we will be staying in the encampment area behind and to the right of the Blacksmith shop. (Click on the picture below)


The official address is 239 East Main Street in the Villiage of the Branch. (Directly across from the Smithtown United Methodist Church)

When you enter the driveway, you will be facing the BLACKSMITH SHOP

General parking for all (non-handycapped) is in the field to the left of the front of the Blacksmith Shop.

Plan to arrive at the park at between 3:30 pm & 4:00 pm (EAT DINNER BEFORE YOU COME OR AFTER WE LEAVE AS WE WILL NOT BE COOKING OR CAMPING FRIDAY). We will need to do the unpacking and carport setup Friday night. We will NOT be heading to the PARADE at 9:30 am Saturday as it has been cancelled since police are call to cover hurricane recovery efforts and cannot provide the needed traffic control & security at the parade.

We will only be staying a couple of hours on site Friday to do tasks that will free scouts up on Saturday to enjoy the day. UNIFORM LEADERS MEETING WILL BE HELD AT 6:30 pm IN THE YOUTH HALL AS USUAL.

See the SPL for where to setup your tents Saturday morning.

The SPL has picked 7:30 am as the time to meet at the Historic Grounds Saturday morning and we will NOT be cooking breakfast that morning so eat before you arrive.

Family members coming to join the scouts for our turkey dinner should come at 2:00 pm Saturday. Please bring a desert to share.

If you want to see the birds as they come out of the cans, 1:00 pm is likely when you want to arrive.

Unless the SPL directs otherwise, cooking duties will be as follows:

The MOOSE patrol will be cooking CORN.

The PANTHERS patrol will be cooking the STUFFING.

The COBRA patrol will be cooking GREEN BEANS.

The BLACK RAVEN patrol will be washing, wrapping and cooking the whole fresh SWEET POTATOES & WHITE POTATOES.

The SPL and ASPL will be preparing the GRAVY & CRANBERRY SAUCE

The OLD GOAT PATROL (uniform leaders) will be cooking the CORN BREAD.

The COMMITTEE will be cooking the EIGHT turkeys.


There will NOT be a hike Saturday morning but instead the scouts will be showcasing their PIONEERING skills and will need to bring a bag lunch and water for that time.

Pioneering will be setup behind the yellow house to the right of the Blacksmith Shop.

Dinner is planned for 2:00 pm.

All patrols need to provide their own Breakfast for Saturday and Sunday mornings. THE BREAKFASTS NEED TO BE “REAL MEALS”! (No Shake & Pour) Oatmeal is OK.

We expect Cub scouts and their families from local packs to be joining us. Make them feel welcome.

If you have special needs of equipment outside what is in your patrol boxes, contact the troop quartermaster ASAP! (Ross P. or Mr. Bauer [cell = 988-5322])

We will NOT be meeting at the church before heading to the site.

Happy Thanksgiving SCOUT STYLE!

Mr. Bauer

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