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Calendar for October 2012

Calendar for October 2012

October 2nd– PLC at the church hall – 7:30 pm

October 4th– Special SPL election for the term of October through the end of 2012. It will be held as the boys enter the church hall – 7:00 pm. NICHOLAS D., JOSHUA G., SPENCER O., & HARRISON T. are the candidates.

October 4th– Family Night – Program = Scouts present events since the Pasta Dinner in March to their families. This event includes presentation of Merit Badges and AWARDS. (Alex B., Luke C. & Grant H. presenters) Scouts setup at 7:00 pm.

October 11th– Regular troop meeting at the church hall – 7:00 pm. Program = Backpacking Essentials. (Josh G. & Anthony G. + Grant H.) Rope Whipping part #1

October 12th– Unifom Leaders Meeting at the YOUTH hall – 6:30 pm

October 13th & 14th– Harriman State Park Backpacking trip.

October 18th– Regular troop meeting at the church hall – 7:00 pm. Program = Cooking on a Backpacking stove (Grant H.) Permission Slips due for all boys attending Webelos Woods at Baiting Hollow. (Rope Whipping part #2)

October 24th– Troop Committee Meeting at the YOUTH hall – 7:30 pm

October 25th– Regular troop meeting at the church hall – 7:30 pm . Program = Night Skies/Astronomy (Harry T. & James B.) Permission Slips Due for Turkey Cookout!

October 30th changed to November 1st November 8th – PLC at the church hall – 7:30 pm changed to 6:30 pm  TBD as church still has no power. Please stand by. 6:30 pm at the church hall before the regular meeting.

Looking into November…..

November 2nd, 3rd & 4th – Webelos Woods at Baiting Hollow. Mr. Palmer & Mr. Bauer will be building and manning the PIONEERING station with scouts from Troop 301. We will need several scouts. Den Chiefs HIGHLY suggested to volunteer.

Please check back often as details will be added.

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