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Tuesday September 7th 9-11 Memorial Candle lighting and the PLC

On Tuesday, September 11 there is going to be a 9-11 Memorial candle lighting ceremony at 7:30 pm ending at 8, at the Saint James Fire House on Woodlawn, refreshments to follow.

The Fire Department has asked us to send an honor guard (the flags) and Alex B. will be leading the pledge.

Running concurrently with the ceremony is the rescheduled PLC.

PLC on Tuesday September 11th at 7:30 pm.

Please note the meeting is to be in the Church as usual.

The following need to attend:

Michael C. [SPL]
Nick T. [Black Ravens]
Erik S.[Panthers]
Chris B.[Moose]
Kevin S. [Cobras]
Alexander B. [ASPL] – Needs a standin due to 9-11 ceremony
Gregory B. [Scribe] – Needs a standin due to 9-11 ceremony
Ross P. [Quartermaster]
Tommy B. [Chaplain’s Aid]
Harrison T. [Webmaster]
Zach Z. [Leave No Trace Instructor]
Thomas H. [Instructor]
Anthony G. [Guide]
Nick D. [Historian]
Luke C. [Buglar]

Also invited are all DEN CHIEFS (seeking to use it for advancement). You are our window to new scouts crossing over:

James Bi.
Chris B. (also Moose PL)
Grant H.
Nick T. (also Black Ravens PL)

JASM’s [Dean] is optional.

If you are a senior scout and are not on the list but would like to attend, contact the SPL as he may add to the list with whoever he likes.

Patrol Leaders: You are representing your patrols views and wants. Only you and the SPL have a vote at the PLCs.

Topics that need to be discussed are:

  • Speakers at the October 4th Family night
  • Scout Skill to be presented for the October 18th meeting
  • Assigned presenters for all the meetings
  • Thoughts on positions desired after the Elections in 2-1/2 months. Start filling out the Leadership Position Application Form found on the LINKS TO FORMS link under the FORMS tab.

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