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Summer Camp Reminders – July 15th – July 21st


  1. MEDICAL FORMS must be in the latest format (High Adventure version) and with Mr. Bindert by noon on the 15th (sooner is MUCH better)
  2. Mosquito Netting – All Scouts must sleep in the camp supplied canvas tents and the netting is a must for an enjoyable week.
  3. Drinking cup – As we are NOT permitting coolers but will be providing fresh ice water (not camp water), the boys need a durable cup/water bottle of some kind to draw the water into – ABSOLUTELY NO ENERGY DRINKS OR HIGH SUGAR DRINKS ARE ALLOWED BY THE TROOP!
  4.  Card Board – The bunks provided have a stretchy chain type mesh for the boys to put their bed roll/sleeping bag on. A layer of flat corrigated card board works well to improve the comfort of the bed as well as avoid damage to the scouts sleeping bags.
  5. Uniforms worn at all times – Each day for dinner, the scouts must wear there full dress uniform. They need to travel to the camp and leave the camp in this uniform. During the day, as was stated at many meetings, we are requiring the boys wear the “Field Uniform”. This consists of a scout T-shirt and Scout Shorts. A scout t-shirt can be a Baiting Hollow shirt or any scout shirt but we suggest that the “class B” red shirts work best for this. The new scout pants have zip off legs to make them into shorts. These dry fast and a very durable. Many may not have the regular shorts but try to avoid sports shorts like basketball shorts.
  6. Arrival time – The camp does not want us there much before noon on Sunday July 15th but don’t make it much later than that either. We have to check in BEFORE the boys start setting up camp so if you are early DON’T SETUP until we are checked in by Mr. Bindert!
  7. Swim Test – All boys take the BSA swim test and are given a braclet that indicates their ability level. This braclet also tells staff members that the boys BELONG at the camp and are OK to feed! The Swim test is give on Sunday fairly soon after camp setup. NO SWIM TEST WITHOUT A MEDICAL FORM!
  8. Visitors – The only time visitors are encouraged is Sunday at drop off and Saturday for closing cerimonies. The camp is not well setup for visitors and all visitors have to check in at the office to get a braclet. Visitations outside the setup times is disruptive to the scout program. Please coordinate with Mr. Bindert if you plan to drop by.
  9. MEDICATIONS – All scouts that take medication must bring it to camp in its original packaging. It will be collected and stored with the camp doctor who will be given the schedule of when the scout needs to take it. This prevents boys FORGETTING or taking too much. THIS IS A CAMP RULE!

Other helpfull hint can be found in the post Summer Camp – Oh no, more rules 🙂

Most scouts have the greatest memories of their scouting careers revolve around summer camp. Lets keep those memories FUN ONES.

The adults will answer any of your questions.

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