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Last minute BSA medical form change :-(

For those attending summer camp:  In speaking to Baiting Hollow this afternoon, we learned that they are requiring a new style medical form this year.  Obviously this is the first we’ve heard about the change.  This is necessitated by both a BSA change and Health Department requirements. 

The unfortunate message is that everyone, scouts and adults, must complete one of these new style medical forms before summer camp.  For summer camp Parts A, B, and C of this new form must be completed.  You complete Parts A and B, the doctor completes Part C – and the doctor signs and stamps it.  Even if you very recently handed in an updated form, we need one of these new style forms. 

Baiting Hollow and Troop 301 apologize for this inconvenience.  We realize what an effort will be required to get these new forms signed and stamped in time.  Baiting Hollow assured us the change is necessary.  It’s ultimately in the best interest of our sons to cooperate the best we can.

The Troop 301 website has just been updated with the new form.  So go to the Troop 301 web site,, under forms, and look for the BSA Medical Form.  Remember you need Parts A, B, and C to be completed. 

Given the timeframe I expect some of you won’t be able to get the form to Mr. Bindert ahead of time.  If you have to bring the form directly to camp, please bring two copies so Mr. Bindert can hand one in and keep one for the troop.

Once again we apologize for the late notice.

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