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ACT NOW If you are interested in doing the ORIENTEERING merit badge at summer camp

To All Scouts:


If you plan on taking the Orienteering Merit Badge at Baiting Hollow Summer Camp this year and you are interested in completing prerequisite #7 before arriving at camp, please email me at by Friday, June 29.




The merit badge workbook, states, “While orienteering is primarily an individual sport, BSA Youth Protection procedures call for using the buddy system.  Requirement 7A can be completed by pairs or groups of Scouts”.


If I receive responses to this posting, I will attempt to set up at least 2 (maybe 3) courses in the Smithtown-Huntington area.  If you made the Sears-Bellow trip last year you already have one course.  The courses will not be very challenging in terms of distance and terrain covered but rather it will give the participating scouts the skills to use their compasses while on the trail and to be able to orientate themselves to the map. 


Scouts will need their own compass and be familiar with how it works before participating.  You will need to be in good physical shape since one of the courses will be a speed course.  You will also need to arrange your own transportation to the courses.


At summer camp, I would hope the Baiting Hollow Staff would then teach the scouts the finer points of orienteering and you will complete the merit badge successfully.


Mr. DeMarco

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