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Whitewater Rafting and Camp Minsi

All who are attending,

To get directions and other information about camp Minsi, please click HERE

Remember that BSA has strict rules on wearing helmets and everyone including adults MUST wear them at all times when on the river. A bike helmet is fine.

Wet suits are available to rent at the rafting place and in my opinion are worth it. The water is cold where we put in but as you paddle and get further down river it is fine and you may want to peal down some.

You will need a bag lunch for Saturday on the river. ZIPLOC bags are almost a must. The will be a sealable bucket that lunch cam be put in but “sealed” is a relative thing. BE PREPARED.

There will be fruit and the like for breakfast Saturday morning provided.

Dinner after the rafting trip is provided by the troop and will be at a local place (Italian…mostly Pizza is the fare)

Minsi, I’m told, means ROCKS and it is very true. Driving a stake into the “ground” is often a chore. The camp should have the canvas tents for summer camp setup on the site we have but come prepared in case they are not.

Your tour leaders are ASM’s John Stickevers and David Takach.

Scouting is about the outdoors and fun….This trip is sure to measure up.


Mr. Bauer

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