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REMINDER: PLC April 3rd at the Church Hall 7:30 & NO meeting 4/5 or 4/12.

PLC on Tuesday April 3rd at 7:30 pm.
The following need to attend:

Michael C. [SPL]
Michael F. [Black Ravens]
Grant H. [Panthers]
Cole D. [Predators]
TBD [Cobras]
Alexander B. [ASPL]
Gregory B. [Scribe]
Ross P. [Quartermaster]
Tommy B. [Chaplain’s Aid] (will have a stand in)
Harrison T. [Webmaster]
Zach Z. [Leave No Trace Instructor]
Thomas H. [Instructor]
Anthony G. [Guide]
Nick D. [Historian]

Also invited are all DEN CHIEFS (seeking to use it for advancement). You are our window to new scouts crossing over:

James Bi.
Chris B.
Nick T.

JASM’s Jason and Dean are optional.

EACH PATROL to pick a kitche gadget to build at the Spring Camporee.

  1. Panthers will do the COOKING TABLE
  2. Cobras will do?
  3. Moose will do?
  4. Black Ravens will do?

We also need boys PREPARED to present April 19th and April 26th (Solar Energy needs a human).

BAITING HOLLOW SUMMER CAMP CHECKS DUE APRIL 26th – Patrol Leaders inform their patrols.

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