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Baiting Hollow Spring Camporee (4/27 – 4-29) and Summer Camp (7/15 – 7/21)

Troop 301,

First off….Summer Camp discount. You need to have your $305 payment in by April 26th TO THE TROOP (don’t pay Baiting Hollow).

If you do not, the price goes up!

Uniforms will be required at all times at this year’s summer camp (the field uniform is a scout shirt [our red ones work] and scout shorts). The troop has plenty of RED T-shirts. See Mr. Bauer is you wish to purchase more.


Spring Camporee preparation for the Thursday the 26th meeting:

  • All Patrols need to have a detailed list of the wood poles they need for constructing their camp gadget. We need to make sure we pack the right poles in the trailer the evening of the 26th.


  • We need to be camping “OLD STYLE”. This means that the scouts need to use the GREEN TROOP TENTS (two scouts per tent) and the tents NEED to be setup in neat rows with patrols grouped together. BRING YOUR PATROL FLAG! The troop has (12) Timberlin II “green” tents and all need to be used before personal tents are to be setup.


  • You should pack in your gear as we are likely to be in the lower camp and cars will not be allowed down other than the trailer. Putting your gear in a backpack is the best idea.


  • Adult leaders are intended to eat with their son’s patrols.


  • The TROOP QUARTERMASTER (Ross) is responsible for packing the gear for the troop and “giving out” patrol requested gear. The QUARTERMASTER needs to provide a list of the equipment he plans to pack on behalf of the troop to the SCOUTMASTER no later than Wednesday April 25th.


  • The current weather forcast is for nice “spring” weather throughout the weekend. This means that it will be cool at night and warm during the day. Scouts MUST wear their full uniform (what we refer to as Class A) the ENTIRE time for the camporee. While setting up and taking down the campsite, the “class B” red shirt is OK but the full uniform needs to go back on. Sleeping bags likely need to be layered (one inside another) or winter bags due to the cool evenings.

See your SPL for questions and remember to PAY FOR YOUR FOOD!

See the post for details on the camporee by clicking HERE

Be Prepared and have FUN!

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