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Scouts Elected to Order of the Arrow need to take action

Those elected this year (2012) were:

  • Chris B.
  • Tommy B.
  • Luke C.
  • Nick D.
  • Michael F.
  • Anthony G.
  • Harrison D.
  • Tommy H.
  • Ross P.
  • Zach Z.

Being elected is just the first step. You now NEED to SIGNUP for an induction weekend and attend all of it before you are actually “in” the OA.

Your choices for this year are:

  • May 18th thru 20th (this is likely the best time to go as the bugs are low and the days are not super hot)
  • June 15th thru 17th (this is the fishing trip weekend and likely a Court of Honor)
  • September 21st thru 23rd (gets cold at night and you generally work harder for this one)

Your next step is to fill out the REGISTRATION form you can download by clicking HERE and select the dates in the order of preference.

Get your MEDICAL FORM completed (Click HERE for the version the OA requires) You MUST have parts A & B. The MEDICAL FORM IS REQUIRED AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION.

You also need to understand what to bring with you and what you CAN’T bring with you when you attend the date you are given. Read the document you can download by clicking HERE to find out.

 Sign up early to get your first choice. DATES DO FILL UP!!!

Good luck and hope to see you there.

Mr. Bauer

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