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The Church needs our support 2/25 @ 6:30 pm, 2/26 @ 9:30 am and 2/26 @ Noon.

The St. James Lutheran Church not only charters Troop 301, but they provide us meeting locations for everything we do. We could not ask for a more gracious chartering organization. This weekend we get a chance to talk about what we do as a troop with the opportunities the church provides us. 

We need 2 scouts in full class A uniform to represent the troop for a few minutes after each of this week’s services at the church. The scouts will be representatives the troop, answering questions and providing fliers to church members and prospective new scouts.

This is short notice, but we need scouts to commit to being at each of the church services this weekend. Specifically, on Saturday at 6:30 PM, on Sunday at 9:30 AM, and on Sunday at noon. Some adult supervision would be appreciated as well. We need only 2 or 3 scouts per service.

Please contact Mr. Bauer (584-7186) ASAP if you will attend. We need to confirm quickly.

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