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WINTER STORM: PLAN B NEEDED for Ten Mile River Campout

All attending the TMR campout,

PLAN B = Scouts meet at Norway Hall at the corner of 4th and 7th in St. James (we had a December meeting there) at 1:00 pm today.

We will be finishing the storyboarding and shooting “indoor” scenes.

Patrols bring your lunch meal and be prepared to cook your dinner meal as well (outside on tables)

Please bring shovels to help clean the parking lot.

ADULTS: The Prime Rib dinner and lunch are still on and Fred is preparing and Jerry’s house nearby.

We have the “downstairs” at Norway Hall. They just did the floors upstairs so DO NOT ENTER there.

Sunday we will reconvene at Long Beach down by the marina and Little Africa to cook breakfast and shoot outdoor scenes.

Above is what Moriches Road looked like heading to the beach at ~10:00 am

Long Beach Road near Wilderness


Knox School Hill



Everybody will be home in plenty of time for the FOOTBALL GAME 🙂

7:45 am Update: Thruway traffic cameras show icy conditions with single lane and poor snow removal. If we went and arrived safe we would do nothing more than eat dinner and watch a movie with 10 hours of driving to do that. Time for plan B.

Mr. Bindert and Mr. Bauer are working on a mid-day local venue change (maybe Little Africa depending on if Long Beach Road has been salted). Boys will still eat lunch, shoot movie and cook dinner but will not sleep over. Breakfast TBD.

Watch here for further details.

6:00 am UPDATE: National Weather Service is still calling for the storm in our area to last until ~4:00 with 3-5 inches of snow and ice. As we head up our route the story remains the same with less ice and ending sooner but still the same 3-5 inches. Just within the last 30-50 miles of getting to TMR the forecast drops to 1-3″ and the storm ending at 1:00 pm. If we were to leave at 9:00 am and our safe speed reduced to 30 mph, we would not arrive at TMR until 3:00 pm assuming no one else gets on the roads. I have been watching the plows on 25A since 5:00 am and they seem to have the main roads clean but are moving slowly as it is slippery.

The storm we were trying to get there ahead of has moved up and we may end up driving in the worst of it.

We will be looking at conditions after first light Saturday and make a call by about 8:00 am as to what to do.

DO NOT COME TO THE CHURCH AT 4:45 but rather wait for instruction and Please watch here for updates!

In order to get to the camp in order to complete the program we need to meet at the Church parking lot at 4:45 AM


YES…..4:45 AM as we need to be up there by 8:00 AM and it is about a 3 hour drive.

Do not stop for breakfast on the road as the scouts are supposed to be making breakfast on arrivial.


The camp is in Narrowsburg and directions to the camp can be gotten by clicking HERE

For those working with a GPS and Latitude/Longitude coordinates, the camp entrance is at:

41 degrees – 34 minutes – 40 seconds NORTH Latitude and 74 degrees – 56 minutes – 56 seconds WEST Longitude

Click the picturre below for a look at where we will be.

The actual coordinates for the cabin parking lot (which is fairly small) is as follows:

41 degrees – 34 minutes – 39.1 seconds NORTH Latitude and 74 degrees – 56 minutes – 41.8 seconds WEST Longitude

TMR lists the street address as 1481 crystal lake rd, Narrowsburg, NY 12764 but from personal experience this puts you up the road short of the entrance by the better part of half a mile.

We are in the HEARST A & HEARST B cabins.

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