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Rules on electronics and scout meetings and events

Troop 301,

As you all know, the use of IPODs and cell phones and hand held game systems is a way of life for many people these days and this is extremely true with young people.

While these tools are both entertaining and useful, they are a distraction at troop meetings and are therefore banned.

This does not mean that you can not carry a phone or electronic device in your pocket but it is banned from use during the meeting.

Scouts should turn OFF devices and they should not be removed from their pockets while in the church building AND during the meeting time. This is NOT a safety issue and if someone needs to contact you in an emergency, an adult can be called to deliver the message.

If scouts use or take out their electronics during a meeting, the scout will be asked to bring the device to the back of the hall and put it on a table that will be watched by an adult. The scout will NOT get the device back until the end of the meeting.

Adult volunteers and guests need to limit their use of electronics. Phones should be silenced as they would be during any important meeting or presentation. Phone calls and texts should be initiated and received outside the church hall. We, the adults, need to set the example to the scouts.

IPhones and cell phones are NOT cameras and are not an excuse to be able to use them during a meeting, event or campout. If you need to take pictures, it should be done with a legitimate camera.

Let’s all focus on the Scouting program and making it a success for the scouts.

A Scout is Trustworthy and Courteous,

Mr. Bauer

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