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Parade Dress Code REMINDER

Troop 301,

If you have a TROOP 301 FLEECE…WEAR IT!

If you do not, wear thermals UNDER your uniform (like underarmor)

You can not cover up your uniform with anything but the troop fleece (no coats or sweatshirts while we march)

Hats can ONLY be BSA uniform hats while marching (ot nothing) While we are waiting, you can cover up with anything and wear any hat but you must lose them for the march (no carrying them during the march either).

You are a PROUD TROOP….not a bunch of goofs. Show respect and march proud!

They claim to be closing the roads at Noon so we will see you at the intersection of Northern Blvd (park side) and Woodlawn before that. We don’t know the exact slot so look for any scouts.

Mr. Bauer

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