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What is an “Active” scout?

Troop 301,

It seems that many folks must have asked this question or interpreted “active” different ways. As a result the latest NAVIGATOR news paper council has chosen to quote it back to all. The statement is as follows:

(As found on page 21 of the 2010 Boy Scout Requirement Book.)

A Scout will be considered “active” in his unit if he is:

  1. Registered in his unit (registration fees are current).
  2. Not dismissed from his unit for disciplinary reasons.
  3. Engaged by his unit leadership on a regular basis (informed of unit activities through Scoutmaster conference or personal contact etc.).
  4. In communication with the unit leader on a quarterly basis.

 (Units may not create their own definitions of active; this is a National standard.)

Are you an active scout?

If I have not had a talk with you in the last 3 months, it seems that National thinks you are not.

Let’s fix that!

E-mail me or call me at (631) 584-7186

The scout has to put in the effort but I am reaching out to you.

We can’t waive this requirement!

Mr. Bauer

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