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Merit Badges – Who should be doing which ones?

Troop 301,

Many of the boys look forward to doing badges. Some may actually be being pushed into doing them.

Merit badges can be a very rewarding and educational thing but it is also important that the boys do them when they can get the most out of them.

Scouting is not a race. It is a development process. Not all boys develop at the same rate emotionally or physically. This is not a bad thing or a good thing. It is a FACT!

We strongly encourage all boys under the rank of 1st class to concentrate their efforts on the skills taught and required to travel that path to 1st class. These are the FOUNDATIONAL skills for their whole scouting career and could SAVE THEIR LIFE or the life of someone else.

Wearing the rank of 1st class shows you have learned those extremely important skills well enough to teach them to others. The founder of scouting (Robert Baden-Powell) once said that a scout is not truly a scout until he has reached the rank of 1st class.

All of this said, scouting must be FUN and part of that fun is earning merit badges.

We have put together a “suggested” list of what badges a boy should consider based on where he is in his scouting career. These are suggestions base on our experience as leaders and merit badge counselors.

Because a boy’s development level is critical to getting the most out of a scouting merit badge, a boy seeking to do a badge should ask for the required blue card from Mr. McClafferty or Mr. Anello. Mr. McClafferty is very familiar with many of the badge requirements for a large number of the badges offered and Mr. Anello has a great deal of experience with many of the outdoor badges. Both are Eagle Scouts and have done this in their own past.

Feel free to ask questions of us as scouts. We are REALLY here to help.

The list can be found near the bottom of the “FORMS” page found by clicking on the tab at the top of the main page marked FORMS.

Mr. Bauer

P.S. It can also be found by clicking HERE.