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Merit Badges and Blue Cards (How to)


It seems we, as a troop, have not been doing a great job with Merit Badges and Blue Cards.

I found a document that explains proper BLUE CARD instructions.

It is found on the “merit badge” tab of this site as well as the “forms” tab or clicking “BLUE CARD” above.

Important things to remember are that that blue cards should be given out only by uniformed leaders and they need to know which merit badge it is for.

Not all merit badges are appropriate for all age scouts. Many EAGLE required badges need prerequisites (like Camping) or reaching a maturity level (many, but Family Life specifically).  A Merit Badge counselor is NOT required to do a badge with you if he/she feels you are not ready for it. Uniform leaders also have the same right of refusal.

Merit Badges should NOT be a priority for boys until they have reached 1st class rank!  Boys not 1st class need to concentrate on honing their scout skills and knowing all the requirements for all ranks through 1st class COLD!

If fact, until relatively recently, BSA did NOT let boys below 2nd class even earn Merit Badges at all.

Please only turn in blue cards or seek signatures on them just prior to or after a troop meeting (unless directed otherwise by those adults involved with that blue card).

This applies with advancement forms as well.

If you want to do a merit badge, a “scout” should personally ask a uniform leader for the blue card and fill out the front face at that time.

The scout should then “personally” contact the merit badge counselor of his choice to do that badge.

Once completed, the three SIGNATURE dates on the back side of the blue card should match and represent the date the merit badge is completed.

You should have TWO merit badge counselor signatures and one UNIFORM leader’s signature on this side. This uniform leader should be a different leader than signed the front.

Please follow this process and read the instruction document. …A scout is OBEDIENT.

Mr. Bauer

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