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IMPORTANT: For all adults who “will have direct contact with scouts”

This applies to all Uniformed Leaders, Committee members and parents that will be attending camping events with scouts.

Starting in 2011, ALL must be trained!

BSA requires “appropriate” training for all adults that will have direct contact with the boys.

For parents, this means that if they are to attend a campout, they must be trained in BSA YOUTH PROTECTION.

For Committee Members, this means you must be trained in BSA YOUTH PROTECTION, COMMITTEE CHALENGE and possibly others.

For Uniformed Leaders this means “FULL” training including the above AND Introduction to outdoor leader skills and scoutmaster specific training. These two are NOT available as E-Learning classes.

All other training can be completed by logging on to, creating a user account and then go to the E-Learning section of the page.

If you are on the charter now and do not complete your training by the start of 2011, you will be REMOVED from the charter by BSA automatically!

If all leaders and parents attending a campout are not appropriately trained, BSA with REFUSE to grant us a TOUR PERMIT (means the campout/trip is cancelled).

Please do your training NOW so we don’t disappoint our boys.

This is fresh from ROUNDTABLE 2/11/2010

Mr. Bauer

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