December campout promises unique experience

UPDATE 11/21: Added merit badge prerequisites below, to be completed before the campout.

Get your permission slips in this Thursday, Nov. 20, for Troop 301’s first-ever trip to the Sterling Hill Mining Museum in Ogdensburg, N.J., Dec. 6-7, and get an opportunity to explore an abandoned mine and earn two merit badges.

The Sterling Hill Mining Museum, once an operating zinc mine, is now a museum open to the public. It offers underground tours, displays of mining machinery, exhibition halls, and rock/fossil discovery. The museum is located in New Jersey about an hour’s drive from the George Washington Bridge.

Troop 301 will be camping and cooking on the grounds of the museum. We will have a guided tour of the mine and surrounding facilities. Bill Kroth, president and CEO of the museum, is a BSA Merit Badge Counselor for Mining in Society and Geology, will be working with scouts in a group setting to complete these two merit badges. Scouts must complete the merit badge worksheets before the campout. They will be available at the meeting this Thursday, Nov. 20, or you can find them online here and here.

UPDATE: Here are the prerequisites for the merit badge worksheets. Please make an honest effort to understand and complete the requirements with legible handwriting and full sentences where required. No copy-and-paste!

Geology merit badge prerequisites: Requirements 1, 2, 3 (geological map is Long Island), 4b

Mining in Society merit badge prerequisites: Requirements 1, 2 (map of NY or Long Island; a quarry is considered a mining operation for sand/rock), 3, 4, 6, 7

This is our first trip to the Sterling Hill Mining Museum and we are looking forward to an exciting weekend.

The cost is $25 per person, which includes all entrance and camping fees (not food).

Visit their website or watch the video below for more information.


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December Troop meetings in different location

As you may recall, in December the St. James Lutheran Church’s Parish Hall (where we normally meet) is not available.  We have made arrangements to meet at the First Presbyterian Church of Smithtown for these three meetings: Dec. 4, 11 and 18.

The First Presbyterian Church is located at 175 E. Main St. in Smithtown.

Note that the December PLC meeting for Troop leadership on Dec. 2 will be held in the usual location.

On Jan. 8, 2015, we will return to our normal Troop meeting location.


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Time to think about a leadership position – Fill out the application NOW

Troop 301,

If a scout wants to be considered for ANY leadership position, INCLUDING SPL and Den Chief, he must fill out the LEADERSHIP POSITION APPLICATION and turn it into the incoming SCOUTMASTER (Mr. Herrmann) or Mr. Fabrizio on NOVEMBER 20th meeting. (Applications will not be accepted after December 4th)

SPL elections will be held at the DECEMBER 18th Troop Meeting.

New PATROL LEADER elections will also be held at the DECEMBER 18th troop meeting prior to the SPL election.

Every position will require WEEKLY duties that are measureable and almost always include time spent outside the troop meetings. Boys requesting consideration for positions are expected to “Do their Best” to accomplish100% of the responsibilities of each job. If they cannot commit to 100% of the job, they should not apply. We expect the scouts to do their best and to put in 100% effort. We do not expect PERFECTION. Scouts learn by listening and by trial and error. Mistakes are accepted and often expected.

What is not accepted is a lack of effort or follow through.

As a scout advances through the ranks, he does NOT earn the right to relax. What he does earn is the right to be given a role of greater responsibility. The expectations are greater for a STAR, LIFE or EAGLE scout than for a TENDERFOOT, 2nd Class of 1st Class scout. Each successive rank requires more effort and is judged to a higher standard.

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All Patrol Boxes MUST be brought to the November 20th meeting!


The November 20th meeting will be our last at the St. James Lutheran Church until January due to Thanksgiving and the church needing the hall for the Christmas season.

At the Turkey Cookout it was clear that the equipment is NOT in order as patrols were trading strips of bacon for rental of fry pans.

This needs to get fixed right away and before the Mining trip the first weekend in December.

Bring in ALL your different patrol boxes and ALL your patrol equipment to the meeting on November 20th.



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Annual Turkey Cookout November 14-16, 2014

Troop 301,

We will be having out Thanksgiving campout and Turkey Cookout the weekend of 11/14 thru 11/16.

We will be camping Saturday night on the grounds of the Smithtown Historic Society and we will be staying in the encampment area behind and to the right of the Blacksmith shop. (Click on the picture below)


SHS-Turkey-Cook 2014


The official address is 239 East Main Street in the Village of the Branch. (Directly across from the Smithtown United Methodist Church)

When you enter the driveway, you will be facing the BLACKSMITH SHOP (now painted a different color)

General parking for all (non-handicapped) is in the field to the left of the front of the Blacksmith Shop.

Plan to arrive at the park as close to 3:00pm Friday as possible (EAT SOMETHING BEFORE YOU COME OR AFTER WE LEAVE AS WE WILL NOT BE COOKING OR CAMPING FRIDAY). We will need to do the unpacking and setting up the carport Friday night as well as getting the picnic tables from around the grounds. We will NOT have time to build everything Saturday before we cook and visit with the Webelos so we need everyone’s help Friday 11/14.

See the SPL for where to setup your tents Saturday morning.

The Scoutmaster & SPL have picked 7:30 am as the time to meet at the Historic Grounds Saturday morning and we will NOT be cooking breakfast that morning so eat before you arrive.

Family members coming to join the scouts for our turkey dinner should come at 2:00 pm Saturday. Please bring a dessert to share.

If you want to see the birds as they come out of the cans, 1:00 pm is likely when you want to arrive.

Unless the SPL directs otherwise, cooking duties will be as follows:

The SPL & ASPL will be preparing GRAVY & CRANBERRY SAUCE.

The GRIZZLIES patrol will be cooking the BAKED POTATOES (washing, wrapping)

The COBRA patrol will be cooking the CORN.

The BLACK RAVEN patrol will be cooking the STRING BEANS.

The PANTHERS patrol will be cooking the STUFFING.

The PANTHERS will also be doing the FLAG RETIREMENT Saturday evening.

The OLD GOAT PATROL (uniform leaders) will be cooking the CORN BREAD.

The COMMITTEE will be cooking the SIX turkeys.


There will NOT be a hike Saturday morning but instead the scouts will be showcasing their PIONEERING skills and will need to bring a bag lunch and water for that time.

Pioneering will be setup behind the yellow house to the right of the Blacksmith Shop.

Dinner is planned for 2:00 pm.

All patrols need to provide their own breakfast for Sunday morning. THE BREAKFAST SUNDAY NEEDS TO BE A “REAL MEAL”! (No Shake & Pour or instant Oatmeal).

We expect Cub Scouts and their families from local packs to be joining us. Make them feel welcome.

If you have special needs of equipment outside what is in your patrol boxes, contact the troop quartermaster ASAP! (Gregory R. or Mr. Bauer [cell = 988-5322])

We will NOT be meeting at the church before heading to the site.

Happy Thanksgiving SCOUT STYLE!

Mr. Bauer

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