Winter Sports – February 7-8, 2015

Troop 301 has reserved the Hayden Villa Cabin in Camp Lewis, a BSA camp in Rockaway Township, NJ. We stayed in lean twos at Camp Lewis last year, so this year will be a different experience. Our winter sport will be snow tubing. Tubing will take place at nearby Mountain Creek. The event fee is $31 per person. If we have a large enough group for group tubing prices, there will be a refund of the difference in price to your scout account. Of special note, a parent must fill out the Mountain Creek Tuning Waiver at Hand in the completed waiver with your permission slip and the event fee. Tour Leader: John Stickevers. Permission Slips due 1/22

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Troop 301 wins 2015 Benjamin Tallmadge Camporee!

Cangratulations Troop 301!

Winning the camporee skills competition over 19 other Benjamin Tallmadge troops and finishing 2nd overall in the sled race is something to be very proud of.

The troop will enjoy using the new Coleman stove and camp Dutch Oven Cooking Table you won.

Speaking of camping equipment….Remember to clean and dry all the equipment used at the camporee and return it to the QUARTERMASTER or your patrol box at the Thursday January 22nd meeting.

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Be Prepared – for the Winter Camporee 2015

Benjamin Tallmadge District
Winter Camporee Jan 16-18 2015
At BHSC – Klondike Sled Competition
Let`s hope for Snow

Camporee Schedule
Friday 5:30 Check in
8:30 Cracker barrel – SPL & SM

Saturday 9:00 Opening Ceremony – full class A uniform
9:30-12 Stations
12-1 Lunch (In the field in front of climbing wall. We will have the burn barrels ready for cooking)
1-3 Stations
3:15 Scouts Own (Front of dining hall)
3:30 Klondike Sled Race
7:30 Mass (Dinning Hall)
8:30 Cracker barrel – SPL & SM

Sunday 9:00 Closing

A little tip make sure your Klondike sleds are in good shape they will be used all day. One part of the course the boys will have to pick up their sled an turn them over to see if their gear stays on the sled then turn them right up and carry the sled for 150’. The patrols will take all their gear for the day on their sleds, including lunch. Lunch should be a high calorie Tin foil meal that should be premade before the beginning of stations.

Winter Frist Aid
Ladder Rescue
Stretcher Relay
Fire Starting (Match and Lighter less)
Snow Shoe
Sled Rescue
Winter Kim`s game
Sled Inspection

Equipment to bring
Rope for lashing poles and for tying down the gear on the sled
4’ Poles
1St Aid kit
Space Blanket
Tin foil Lunch for each scout in your patrol
Drink for lunch
Scout handbook or Field book

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Eagle Court of Honor Jan. 10

Eagle badgeJust a reminder that this Saturday, Jan. 10, we will hold the Eagle Court of Honor for Harry D., Josh G., Gregory B., Tommy B. and Chris B. at the St. James Lutheran Church.

We will need Scouts to help set up this Friday, Jan. 9, at 7:30 p.m.

All Scouts should arrive at 9:30 a.m. Saturday to complete the setup. Attendance is mandatory for Scouts, and they should wear Class A uniforms with sash. End time is 3:30 p.m. Families are invited. Refreshments will be provided.

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Troop 301,

  • January 6th – PLC – Both new Patrol Leaders and old Patrol Leaders must attend as well as all scouts with leadership positions. 7:30 pm at the usual church hall.
  • January 7th – BURNING OF THE GREENS – Each year the troop gives community service to the St. James Lutheran Church by cutting up live Christmas trees to make a fire in the parking lot so the parisheners can come out after the Epiphany Service and sing carols around the fire. Scouts need to arrive at 4:30 pm prepared to cut up pine bows (work gloves needed and pine sap is likely to get on them. No class A’s needed-Dress warmly in layers)
  • January 8th – Regular Troop Meeting – SPL elections and new leadership positions appointed. Permission Slips due for the Winter Camporee.
  • January 10th – EAGLE COURT OF HONOR – Details to follow but this will honor Harry D., Josh G., Gregory B., Tommy B. & Chris B. We will need to setup for the event as well as participate in the cerimony.
  • January 16th, 17th & 18th – WINTER CAMPOREE at Baiting Hollow.

Happy Holidays to all from TROOP 301!

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