Cole’s Eagle Project at Hoyt Farm – Scouts Needed

Cole will be working on his Eagle Scout Project through Friday, July 31, at Hoyt Farm in Commack.  This is the location where Troop 301 holds its annual year-end picnic.

Cole will be renovating the Bocce Ball Courts and surrounding area, which includes demolition and reconstruction of the two existing bocce courts; replacing the four park benches used by the players and constructing a scoreboard and informational kiosk.

All materials, supplies and refreshments will be on hand, but all Scouts must bring and wear work gloves while working on this project.

Please contact Cole if you can join him on his Eagle Project.

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Information for Baiting Hollow summer camp

Troop 301 will be attending summer camp at Baiting Hollow starting this Sunday, July 26. Here is the Leaders Guide with a list of What to Bring on page 9.  I would add sandals to wear in the shower (yes, the boys must take a shower during the week), a folding chair for the campsite, and don’t forget the Scout Handbook.

The Leaders Guide is only for information. The Troop adult leaders and Senior Patrol Leader will help the boys sign up for badges and help them throughout the week.

After dinner on the first day, we will help the boys select merit badges classes for the two afternoon sessions.  The scouts will attend Brownsea during the morning sessions.  Brownsea is for first-year scouts and covers a majority of the Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class requirements (see page 27 of the guide for Brownsea curriculum).  Suggested merit badges for first-year scouts are: Swimming, Art, Basketry, Leatherwork, Pottery, Sculpture, Reptile and Amphibian Studies, Mammal Study, and First Aid.  The scouts can earn two badges in the afternoon sessions and another during open time in the Craft Lodge. Camp is fun and has lots of activities for the boys to experience. Doing a ton of merit badges may diminish the fun.

Open/Free time will be available for the boys to enjoy swimming, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, rifle range, archery, COPE course and craft lodge.

See you Sunday at camp at 11:30am in the parking lot.


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Merit badge reminder for Hawk Mountain

As mentioned in the Hawk Mountain parent information post, it’s important for all Scouts attending summer camp at Hawk Mountain to check the prerequisite requirements for the merit badges they have signed up for, and work on those now. You can find the list of prerequisites on pages 31-37 of the Camp Meade 2015 Leader Guidebook (PDF).

All prerequisites should be done before arriving at camp so that no one receives a partial.

Have a great summer.


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Hawk Mountain Parent Information

Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation, in some literature referred to as Camp Meade, is run by the Hawk Mountain Council of the Boy Scouts of America (

Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation
402 Blue Mountain Rd.
Schuylkill, PA 17972

That address may be approximate. Be sure to follow the directions on the Hawk Mountain web site. Those are:

Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation is located in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, just off Route 183. From the south take Interstate 78 to Route 183 north. Cross over the Blue Mountain. At the base of the mountain, turn left just past the Blue Ridge Inn onto Blue Mountain Road, follow the signs into camp. From the north take Route 183 south. Make a right turn just before the Blue Ridge Inn onto Blue Mountain Road and follow the signs.

Everyone needs to arrive at Hawk Mountain at 1:00 PM for check in. Mapquest tells me it’s a 3 hour and 20 minute ride from Saint James. For those interested, a number of Troop 301 scouts will congregate at Cabelas off Route 78 Exit 29B in Hamburg, Pennsylvania until about noon time on check in day. Cabelas is an interesting store, offers rest rooms and there are numerous food services in the same parking area. In any event, be at Hawk Mountain with the troop at 1:00 PM on check in day. The troop’s check in cannot be delayed by late arrivals.

There is a map of the camp at:

We are in the Seneca site this year.

The Leaders Guide, as well as a parents information sheet and many other forms are available at This camp is very organized and posts their information promptly.

Troop 301 leaders at camp are happy to have you call them for info. Ask for the cellphone numbers for the adults attending (if you don’t already have them). Feel free to call the people you are most familiar with. If you can’t get through, try someone else. If you have an emergency and require immediate contact with your son, you could also call the camp office (570) 754-7552. Someone is in the Administration Building from 8:30 AM – 9:30 PM. After hours phone number (9:30 PM – 7:00 AM) is the Health Lodge (570) 754-7892

What to wear:
• A Class ‘A’ uniform is mandatory for dinner. A Class ‘A’ uniform consists of the official Boy Scout Field Uniform shirt worn with either the Boy Scout pants or shorts and a 301 neckerchief.
• A Class ‘B’ uniform is encouraged for all other times. A Class ‘B’ uniform consists of any scout related t-shirt, preferably a troop shirt, worn with either the Boy Scout pants or shorts. (We are hoping every scout will have several scout t-shirts and shorts to wear.)
• Closed-toe shoes and a shirt must be worn at all times, except at the lake and the beach.
• This includes travelling to the pool, the lake, and the shower.

What to bring (this is Hawk’s list):

• Scout Uniform(s) with socks
• Daily change of underwear
• Tee shirts
• Extra socks
• Jeans or long pants
• Pajamas
• Raincoat/poncho
• Casual shoes
• Hiking boots
• Handkerchiefs
• Shoes to get wet

• Sleeping bag or blankets
• Pillow (if desired)

• Mess kit
• Knife, fork, spoon
• Canteen
• Flashlight
• Scout Handbook
• Pen, pencil, pad
• Small knapsack
• Scout Knife
• Equipment needed for merit badges

• Toilet kit
• Towels
• Insect Repellent
• Comb or brush

• Bible
• Camera
• Clock
• Compass
• Fishing tackle
• Musical instruments



We suggest that each personal item be labeled with the scout’s name and Troop number. This will be helpful in returning lost items

We and the camp strongly recommend leaving all cell phones and electronic devices at home to ensure that they are not lost or broken. It will also promote a more fulfilling experience and create a better camping atmosphere.

Q: What will my son eat?
A: Meals are served three times a day in the dining hall. The menu is available on Hawk Mountain’s web site.

All prescription drugs must be in the ORIGINAL CONTAINER with the ORIGINAL LABEL as provided by the Pharmacist. All legal drugs, prescription or non-prescription are required to be kept in the Health Office. The only two exceptions are for those individuals carrying Epi-pens or inhalers, which must be presented to and inspected by the Health Officer at Medical Rechecks on Check-In Day. Expired medication will not be accepted. Individuals, who refuse to comply, will be asked to leave without a refund.

No Pets are permitted (except Guide Dogs)

Personal Health
Medical personnel staff the Health Lodge at camp 24 hours a day. Even if first aid is administered in the campsite, the incident must be reported to the camp’s Health Officer. All medications, with the exception of inhalers and Epi-pens, must be kept under lock-and-key in the Health Lodge. The Health Lodge staff can handle most minor injuries.

Trading Post:
The Camp Trading Post has a variety of items available for your convenience. Here is just a
sampling of some of the things that you will find:
• Merit Badge Pamphlets
• Basketry Kits
• Woodcarving and Leatherwork supplies
• Walking Sticks
• Medallions
• Water bottles
• Camp Shirts, Sweatshirts and Polo’s
• Lighthouse Patches
• Small gift items
• Mosquito Nets
• Batteries
• Flashlights
• Post cards
• And of course all the Snacks, Ice Cream, Soda, and Candy that you will need

Scouts will be expected to follow the Buddy System at all times.

On arrival:

Have your swim trunks and towel with you for the orientation. We always travel in Class A uniform and the Class A uniform is required for orientation. We will go directly from orientation to swim tests, so you must carry your swim trunks and towel with you.

Be prepared to put your trunk into the troop trailer. We will use the trailer to transport as much gear to the site as possible. Remaining gear must be hand carried to the site. Camp staff will not permit individual vehicles access to the camp.


Visitors – Visitors are welcome at Camp Meade. Time, however, is short while your son is at camp so visits should be kept at a minimum. ALL VISITORS MUST CHECK-IN AT THE ADMINISTRATION BUILDING BEFORE GOING TO A CAMPSITE.

Scouts are expected to use the tents provided by Hawk Mountain. The mosquito netting which is so necessary at Baiting Hollow is optional. We’re told it’s not really necessary.

No personal coolers for scouts. Hawk Mountain provides all food and assures safe food storage.

Bring all merit badge prerequisites to camp – otherwise the scout will only receive a partial completion at the conclusion of camp.

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Madonia wake

It is with sadness we announce the passing of the grandfather of Joseph and Josh Madonia and the father of Assistant Scoutmaster Joe Madonia. Mr. Madonia had being living with Joseph, Josh and their family for the past 10 years.

The Troop will be showing our support for the Madonia family at the wake Monday at 7:30pm in uniform at the St. James Funeral Home. We will meet in the parking lot and go in as a Troop.

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